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петък, 2 март 2012 г.

Eurocon 2012

Kontakt is the name of Eurocon 2012 which will be held on April 26-29 2012 in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Eurocon 2012 will also be 34th SFeraKon - the oldest convention in Croatia, held each year in Zagreb. The name Kontakt symbolize the bringing together of Croatian and European fandoms.

Preregistering for membership will be possible until April 1st, 2012. After that, you can register at the venue entrance.

Guests of honour
Guests of Honor this year are American writer Tim Powers, British writer Charles Stross and Croatian writer, editor and illustrator Darko Macan...

Kontakt programme is based on SFeraKon's programme with parallel programme tracks and at least one programme item in English at all times. Lectures, panels, book promotions, movie screenings, quizes, games...

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