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This article of mine has been published in the magazine "Locus", August 2003

1.Since 19 to 22 June in Stara Zagora’s Mineral Baths, will carry out the festival of science fiction, called “Goblinia”. It is organizing by SF club “Wibrobia”, belong to town of Stara Zagora.
The activity is holding for a third year in a row. The last year have been approximately 60 participants – publishers, writers, journalists and fans, whereas this year is expect more.
On “Goblinia” will be bestow a prizes since of the same name contest for short story, connected with Bulgarian folklore and mythology. The prizes are – a goblin statuet, deed and a little money amount /it may be pay in books by wish/. As well, the nominated short stories will be printing in a collection and will be publishing. Recently, “Kuazar” Publishing House/www.kuasa strike off and put in sale the collection “Goblinia 2002”.
It is not accidentally, that the festival “Goblinia” will carry out near to Midsummer Day /24 June/. This day is Bulgarian analog of American holiday Halloween.
2. The death of “Zona F”. The proffesional SF magazine “Zona F” break off its publishing. It was maded and edited by one of the leading Bulgarian SF writers – Agop Melkonian. Mr. Melkonian is also professor by old Armenian literature and an owner of little publishing house and bookstore with same name – “Erato”.
“Zona F” start its publishing in 1997y. by the name “Varkolak”/”Werewolf”/. Later, it change its name to “Zona F”, while simultaneously replace its format and size. The magazine published previously tales of English and American authors, but compulsory each issue presents one work of Bulgarian writer. Every year in May, “Zona F”, besides was completely component since Bulgarian short stories.
The magazine bestowed awards for SF short story in different categories. In its best times, it reaching 4500 issues.
Provide the economic conditions in Bulgaria, the publisher of the magazine – Oleg Chernev, just decides that it is not profitable to printing it any more.
“Zona F” was a winner of the award “Graviton.”

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