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неделя, 29 април 2012 г.

Tripping The Rift - a new generation of fantastic humor

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By Radi Radev

“Tripping The Rift” is a science fiction 3D animated series, for adults, broadcasted on TV “AXN Sci-Fi”. And what this 3D animation is anyway?
“Tripping the Rift” is a carnival-style Sci-Fi a la famous "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. It’s the most humorous animated science fiction movie I've ever watched. With its interplanetary hilarity "Tripping the Rift" matches the best works of Terry Pratchett. The series uses the absurdist fiction in a similar way the Swedish writer Sam Lundwall did in his novel "No time for heroes."

A short dialogue from “Tripping the Rift”:
"I warn you! I have a purple belt!
In what?
In the drawer at home. I went to wear it with my suit and purple shirt."

The key crew members of the craziest spaceship trips are: The intelligent, tough and extremely lustful Captain Chode; A gorgeous irresistibly sexy she-cyborg Six; A self-hating cynical robot named Gus; The hideous-looking she-pilot T'nuk; The lazies green parasite Whip and the agoraphobia suffering / but constantly traveling through space/ Bob.
And be warned: The animated series "Tripping the Rift "is only suitable for humanoids over 18 years with highly developed imagination and well-polished sense of humor.

One final quote from the series
"Never miss your soap front gay robot."

You can find more about "Tripping the Rift" on the Internet at:
And you can watch it at AXN Sci-Fi.

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